Ethnic Enrichment Programs


The purpose of the Ethnic Enrichment Experience (EEE) program is to expand the knowledge of children and adults about global cultures and widen their views of the world. Take a look at the programs that EEE conducts:

  1. Cultural Sensitivity Training - can be provided on site at your businesses.
  2. Senior Global Fun - culture performances, arts and crafts and ethnic food geared towards seniors.
  3. Fashions Around the World - the International Institute has a wonderful collection of cultural attire, visually displaying the living beauty of diversity in ethnicity and setting a cultural trend in fashion. If you would like a fashion show brought to your school or business, so you can learn about the world and its culture, contact  (313) 871-8600 ext. 226 or The fashion show also includes a power point presentation of the countries represented .
  4. International Club - after school global learning and cultural awareness program designed for students k-12 featuring hands-on activities, foreign language instruction, performances, arts and crafts.
  5. Foreign Language Classes - The International Institute offers foreign language classes in Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, German, Portugese, Spanish, French, and/or any language of your choice.
  6. Cultural Educational Travel

Contact Nada Dalgamouni, Ethnic Enrichment Experience Director at (313) 871-8600 extension 226 or email