The International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit (IIMD) was founded in Detroit in 1919 by a group of YWCA volunteers, who sought to help legal immigrants learn English, appreciate freedom and democracy, become U.S. citizens, be assimilated into their new communities, and learn to understand each other's cultures.

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Dear International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit Supporters:

On Monday, March 8, 2021, National Women’s International Day, the International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit (IIMD) will host its Virtual Zoom Centennial Celebration from 12:00pm – 1:00pm. This year’s theme is “If You Can See Her You Can Be Her” where IIMD will recognize five influential progressive women of immigrant descent who will bring about change in 2021. The 2021 awardees are:

  • Stephanie Chang - MI State Senator for District #1
  • Sophia Chue - Caribbean Community Service Center
  • Raquel Castaneda Lopez – Detroit City Council District #6 
  • Rashida Tlaib - US Representative for MI 13th Congressional District
  • Mohana Walambe – South Asian American Voices for Impact/SAAVI

The International Institute is dedicated to working with foreign-born and with all Americans in the constant task of solving social problems, acculturation, education and acceptance. IIMD provides and utilize human and physical resources to advance the welfare and the integration of the foreign-born and their relatives; fostering community awareness that varied cultures contribute to the richness of American life. This is offered through evidence-based integrated and contextualized instruction. IIMD’s current programming are as follows: Immigration Legal Services, Workforce and Career Development, Language Classes and Access to Basic Needs (Support Services).

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What We Offer


Like those who came before them, today’s immigrants invigorate the economy and enrich our culture, traditions and values. Yet they face labyrinthine statutes and regulations, multiple layers of bureaucratic intimidation, and an increasingly insensitive political climate fueled by nativist feelings.

We are proud to represent these courageous newcomers and their families.


The Center for Working Families program helps low income families achieve financial stability, long-term growth and advanced economic wellbeing.


We offer a variety of educational opportunities including employment, finances, citizenship and acculturation for the newly arrived and global languages and cultures for the general public.

The Food Assistance Employment and Training Plus program aims to help low-income individuals and families move out of poverty by providing them with basic education, technical skills training, credentialing, and access to good job

Global Education Programs

The purpose of the Global Education program is to expand the knowledge of children and adults about global cultures and widen their views of the world. Take a look at the programs that the Global Education Department conducts.

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If you need a space to locate an office, meetings, banquets, conferences, theatre groups, wedding receptions, graduation parties, we have rental space for you!

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We are proud to own collections, artifacts exhibits and historical rooms that illustrate various nationalities and cultures around the world and tells parts of the history that makes IIMD the way it is today.


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