Spanish Club


¿Hablas espanol?

Spanish Club

The Spanish  Club was founded in 2012 by Ms. Husta Puerto, but she has since returned permanently to Spain. Due to budget restraints and staffing limitations, the Spanish Club is in inactive limbo at this time, awaiting funding or a qualified enthusiastic volunteer(s) to take over the program. In 2012, the club operated as follows:

"Every Saturday from 12 PM to 1 PM, come to the International Institute and meet new people and practice the Spanish language. All are welcome - children, teens, adults, seniors, students, professionals, retired, families, business groups, with a common goal of learning the Spanish language in a fun and unstressful manner. The cost for the networking and conversational event is only $5.00, paid at the door. The moderator is Ms. Justa Puerta, a certified Spanish teacher from the International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit. Bring your own lunch and beverages (no alcohol). There will be presentations from time to time on subjects such as cooking Spanish food, travel, flamenco and salsa dancing, and other topics about Spain and Spanish culture. You must register with Ms. Puerta ahead of time to join the club. For information or to register, call 313-XXX-XXXX."

If you would like to volunteer to help re-start the club or donate funds to help re-start the club, please call Mr. Wojciech Zolnowski at (313) 871-8600.