Miles Memorial Lobby

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In September of 2011, the Lobby of the International Institute Building was named in honor of Cyril and Arnold Miles - "The Cyril and Arnold Miles Memorial Lobby." The International Institute is extremely grateful for the generous memorial bequest by Cyril and Arnold Miles that made possible the recent renovations of the beautiful Lobby that welcomes hundreds of new immigrants and other visitors to the International Institute Building on a daily basis. We are also grateful to the nieces and nephews of Cyril and Arnold Miles for their support. (Click on photo to enlarge.) 


A plaque on the Lobby wall reads:

International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit, Inc.

In Loving Memory of

Cyril Miles

1918 - 1993

Artist, Educator, Art Historian

Cyril, beloved friend and teacher, had the unique ability to bring her art, her experience and her focus to every project she undertook. As founder of the Ethnic Enrichment Experience programs, her vision and scholarly research enhanced the quality of her workshops for people of all ages. She brought a sense of history and compassion to her work. Through her all-encompassing sense of humanity, Cyril was able to showcase the common thread of universal expression that, through the arts, binds together the diverse cultures of the world.

Folk Art Curator 1944-1993