International Heritage Foundation, f/k/a/ International Institute Foundation, f/k/a Friends of the International Institute


The International Heritage Foundation, f/k/a International Institute Foundation, f/k/a Friends of the International Institute is separate and distinct from and has no legal connection with the International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit. We are grateful for its past support and prior loyalty solely to the financial support of the International Institute. It re-defined its mission in 2013 and now raises funds for multiple organizations and causes. The Friends of the International Institute was created on August 4, 1969 by the Board of Directors of the International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit to serve as the fundraising organization for the International Institute, and was made a separate corporation with a separate board of directors so as to avoid any conflict with the United Way's fundraising efforts. The International Institute has been a United Way agency since 1945. The foundation was originally named the "Friends of the International Institute." The founding "Friends" board members were Roy Calcagno, Paul Tesorero, James McCormick, Walton Lewis, David Hwang, Clara Schumann, and Richard Benson. The mission of the "Friends" was not only to raise money for the International Institute, but also to be goodwill ambassadors to spread the word to the Metro Detroit community of the good work of the International Institute.

In 1984, the "Friends" started the International Institute Heritage Hall of Fame, located in Detroit's Cobo Hall, to honor outstanding leaders in Metro Detroit's ethnic immigrant services organizations, and an annual reception and induction ceremony as a means to raise funds to support the International Institute. On December 10, 1999, the Board of Directors of the Friends of the International Institute changed the name of the "Friends" to the "International Institute Foundation." The printed program for the 2013 Hall of Fame dinner states, "Proceeds from the Heritage Hall of Fame Celebration provide funding for the programs and services of the International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit and organizations that support immigration programs that ensure that America's promise of freedom, democracy, and liberty is secured for all individuals who wholeheartedly pursue citizenship." The International Institute is grateful for the funds raised by the International Institute Foundation that have been contributed to the International Institute to help support its programs. In 2013, the Board of Directors of the International Institute Foundation dramatically changed its mission and, in 2014, it changed its name to reflect the fact it is no longer dedicated exclusively to the support of the International Institute.  

If you wish to support the work of the International Institute and you wish 100% of your donation to go toward the mission of the International Institute, please make your check payable to "International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit," and mail or hand-deliver your check to Mr. Wojciech Zolnowski; Executive Director; International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit; 111 East Kirby St., Detroit, MI 48202; USA. The International Institute is a 501(c)(3) IRS non-profit charitable organization and a State of Michigan non-profit corporation. Your donation may be tax-deductible as allowed by law. Please consult your tax advisor.


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