Center for Working Families

The Center for Working Families program helps low income families achieve financial stability, long-term growth and advanced economic wellbeing.


IIMD’s Center for Working Families program is modeled off of a national framework which helps low-income individuals and families obtain stable employment, strengthen their finances, and move up the economic ladder.  This is achieved by offering a coordinated set of core services:  workforce development coaching, financial coaching and income support services.

In July 2019, IIMD became part of the Greater Detroit Center for Working Families network.  This was achieved through a grant by the United Way for Southeastern Michigan and LISC Detroit.

If you would like to get Career, Financial and Benefits guidance and coaching, please complete our signup Form at:


A unified approach to providing services

Workforce Development

IIMD's job coaching provides participants with the essential education and training needed to succeed in today’s workforce.  This includes teaching participants how to apply for jobs, e.g. resume writing, interviewing skills, writing cover letters and thank you letters.  This also entails teaching English as a Second Language, computer skills, and GED classes.

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Financial Literacy

Financial coaching provides one on one advising and teaches participants how to open a checking and savings account, create a budget and spending and savings plans, how to build credit and how to grow assets.  The goal of the financial coach is to help move low-income individuals out of poverty and into a state of economic stability and growth.

Income Support Services

An income support coach helps qualifying participants enroll for state benefits.  This ensures individuals and families have the financial resources needed to move forward in their lives and embark on sustainable careers.  Internal and external resources are provided as well.


If you or someone you know is interested in IIMD’s CWF’s initiatives, please contact :

  • Alex Barton – CWF Job Coach - 313-871-8600 ext. 229
  • Rodney Benifield – CWF Financial Coach - 313-871-8600 ext. 238
  • Samer Zadoyan – CWF Benefits Coach - 313-871-8600 ext. 236