USCIS Resuming Interviews

June 25, 2020 iimd

USCIS Interviews: 

USCIS is beginning to schedule interviews. Cancelled interviews will be scheduled first. All USCIS Field Offices will reduce the number of interviews conducted to allow time for cleaning and reduce waiting room capacity. While field offices are processing all applications, the priority at present is conducting naturalization ceremonies.For a description of building entry protocols, go to:

Application Support Centers: The phased reopening of all US Application Support Centers (ASC) starts July 13. USCIS will automatically reschedule ASC appointments that were cancelled due to the office closures. Individuals will receive a new appointment notice in the mail. Applicants will only be processed on the date and time of their appointment with an exception for members of the military. Applicants should expect delays. ASC appointments will be scheduled at a significantly reduced rate. It may take several weeks after the ASC is reopened before applicants start receiving the notice rescheduling an appointment.

Visit their USCIS Visitor Policy and USCIS Office Closings pages for more information.