Free Citizenship Legal Services

October 21, 2020 Mary Heinemann

FREE Citizenship Legal services 

IIMD is a recipient of the USCIS Citizenship & Integration Grant 2020-2022. Which allows us to offer free citizenship legal services and free citizenship classes.

Apply for Citizenship (N-400, N-600) with IIMD now!
To schedule an appointment or get more information call: (313) 871-8600 x234 

  • Get expert legal advice on your citizenship case 
  • Attend citizenship classes (online classes available now)
  • Online legal consultations and payment methods available to allow for social distancing ($10 mailing fee may apply)
  • Access to ESL classes and tutoring

Legal Permanent Residents (LPRs) are eligible for naturalization after 5 years. U.S. Citizens enjoy many benefits and rights not available to LPRs, including the rights to vote and run for public office.
In addition to citizenship, IIMD offers many immigration legal services for a nominal fee. 

Let’s keep each other safe:
Please wear a mask at all times at IIMD or our events at partner organizations. No mask, no entry.