FAE&T Plus

Food Assistance Employment and Training Plus Program

The Food Assistance Employment and Training Plus program aims to help low-income individuals and families move out of poverty by providing them with basic education, technical skills training, credentialing, and access to good job

Program Eligibility

The FAE&T Plus program serves a broad range of participants, including returning citizens, immigrants, refugees, homeless, and those without a high school diploma or GED.

Program Eligibility includes the following:

  • Be a resident of the City of Detroit;
  • Have a strong interest in obtaining employment;
  • Have a willingness to learn new skills and engage in training opportunities;
  • A current food stamp recipient [not receiving cash assistance]; and
  • Between the ages of 18 to 49

FAE&T Plus Services

1. Job Search and Placement

Participants will meet one on one with a professional professional employment counselor


2. Job Search Training

Participants will have an opportunity to attend monthly workshops (held the first Tuesday of every month from 12:30 to 3:30 pm)


3. Literacy, Education, and Employment Training

Participants can attend English as a Second Language Classes, Computer Training, and GED Classes

4. Support Services

IIMD provides necessary services such as transportation (i.e. bus tickets) and other essential items necessary to secure employment



If you or someone you know is interested in IIMD’s CWF’s initiatives, please contact Samer Zadoyan, program coordinator at (313) 871-8600, ext. 236.