ESL and GED Services

The Education Department offers year-round ESL and GED courses in the classrooms of the IIMD. IIMD works closely with the Detroit Public Schools and other Metro Detroit school districts by offering tutoring and educational services for those learners of English as a foreign language. Our methods are both tried and tested and we consistently receive positive reviews from all participants.

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Detroit Public Schools is starting FREE English classes at the Institute


ESL Classes have 3 levels (beginning, intermediate and advanced) and will start September and January, but can be joined at any time.

Day Classes:

Monday-Friday, 9 A.M. - 2:35 P.M.

Evening Classes:

Mondays, 6 P.M.- 8 P.M.

Classes are not only for those who need to learn to read, write and speak the English language, but also for those who need to improve their accents so as to be better understood in the Metro Detroit community.


Please bring photo I.D. and a social security card to register.

Students will also take a short reading/lifeskills placement test on the first day of class.

Call us at 313-871-8600 or fill out a Contact Form to Programs & Services


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Our regular GED (high school equivalency degree) class will begin in September 8, 2016 and run to June 2017. Registration starts August 17, 2016. The class is taught at the International Institute building by the Detroit Public Schools.

Monday-Thursday, 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM. 

Registration is through the Detroit Public Schools.

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Location: 111 E Kirby, Detroit MI 48202. You must be at least 20 years old to register.

For information or to register, call (313) 871-8600 or (313) 596-7615.

Learn More: Adult Education Flyer >

DPS - Adult Education Website >


Our ESL and GED services are developed to establish basic literacy criteria necessary for further skills development employability. Last year, IIMD provided 97,120 units of service for the ESL program (all foreign-born) and 34,776 units of service for the GED program, serving nearly 300 individuals (roughly 80% foreign-born and 20% non-foreign-born).