Global Journeys Summer Day Camp


The Global Journey Program has two summer sessions.

The program will be held at the International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit, at 111 E. Kirby, in Detroit. The children will be surrounded by cultural and ethnic history. The daily activities will include:

The youth will learn about lifestyles, holidays, religions, languages, and folktales of different ethnic groups. The curriculum will include basic communication in different languages, arts and crafts from different cultures, dance, songs and playing instruments from different countries, learning indoor and outdoor games, and experiencing stage performances with cultural attire. A variety of workshops will feature cultural presentations, hands-on activities, field trips and museum visitations, ethnic neighborhood touring, and art classes, all emphasizing the diversity of world cultures.


Children, ages 7-13, are eligible for the Global Journeys Summer Day-Camp. Youth, age 14 years and older, are eligible for the International Leadership Program. The fees for Global Journeys Summer Day-Camp are

$100/child for one week

$500/child for 6 weeks                                               

$30.00/child per day

The registration fee for the International Leadership program is $450 for six weeks. The fees cover workshop training and materials, as well as a light lunch and one of four field trips/excursions. Each additional field trip with lunch is $25.00 extra. A $50 non-refundable registration fee is required. Full fees are due upon the 1st day of the program. Discount rates are available for 2 or more children. Checks or money orders are payable to the “International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit.”

For more information, please contact Nada Dalgamouni at (313) 871-8600 ext. 226,