The International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit's full array of language and employment training services combined with its educational outreach both empowers and enriches the lives of our Detroit metropolitan community members.

We welcome the future by offering a full complement of counseling services, and cultural adjustment, basic life skills and language training.  Our organization has been accredited by the U.S. Department of Justice, Board of Immigration Appeals, since 1958. In 1990, The Institute is credentialed by the Council on Accreditation of Service for Families and Children, Inc.. Because of our unique experience, Institute caseworkers host social work conferences, for associated agencies, training on-site and in four locations across the Metro Detroit area.

We honor our past  through the arts and artifacts of those five generations before us. We are committed to the enrichment of the minds and hearts of  our broader Metro Detroit community through our cultural artifacts collections and programs.ions before us. We bring the opportunity for all to discover or re-discover  the sounds, rhythms and movements, dances and stories that would otherwise fade from the collective memories of the community.

Over the 100 years since our inception, we have acquired a noteworthy collection of ethnic and cultural artifacts  donated through the generosity of the Detroit community. These holdings are permanently housed in the Institute's  Hall of Nations displaying flags from 82 countries and our beloved doll collection. The American Room is home to the Wilkinson Model Ship Collection, along with paintings, posters and realia representative of  Detroit's richly diverse heritage.

IIMD Resource Center/Center for Excellence

Number of Clients Served

July 2015-June 2016



Annual Goals

Final Report
June 2016



Immigration Legal Services

Family Based Petition 800 918
n-400 (Naturalization) 150 to 190 256
Citizenship Classes 200 229
Work Permits 250 to 280 196



ESL Morning Session 130 to 150 142
ESL Evening Session 40 to 60 68
GED 50 to 70 69



Career Development Program

Individual Counseling & Job Assistance 130 to 150 223
Job Placement 30 to 50 67
Job Readiness Workship 120 to 150 179
Financial Literacy Program 100 to 120 169


Vocational Program

Carpentry 15 to 25 22
Electrical 15 to 25 22
Plumbing 15 to 25 18
Total Individuals Served 2,065 to 2,295 2,678
Program Final Report

June 2016

Immigration Legal Services Family Based Petition 918
N-400 (Naturalization) 256
Citizenship Classes 229
Work Permits 296
ESL & GED ESL Morning Session 142
ESL Evening Session 68
GED 69
Career Development Program Individual Counseling & Job Assistance 223
Job Placements 67
Job Readiness Workshop 179
Financial Literacy Program 169
Vocational Program Carpentry 22
Electrical 22
Plumbing 18
Total Individuals Served 2,678

Community Financial Center

July 2015-June 2016

Outcomes (Number of Clients) Goal Actual
Receiving financial services 100 418
Receiving 1:1 financial coaching 100 118
New Combined Financial Assessments 100 118
Showing an increase in credit score 21 48
Showing an increase in net income 21 62
Showing an increase in net worth 18 71
With at least one key financial outcome 50 78
Receiving an Income Support Service 70 96
Approved for a benefit 23 19
Had their taxes prepared 30 26
Percentage receiving 2 Services (listed as 2/3 on V2 report) 65 100
Combined Net Income $328,000.00
Combined Net Worth Income $2,423,000.00

IIMD Educational Department (EEE)


Ethnic Enrichment Experiences

Cultural Presentations to Schools - 2,380 Individuals

Diversity Presitations to Corporate - 1,236 Individuals

Cultural Sensitivity Programs - 426 Individuals

Foreign Language Classes

General Enrollment - 68 Individuals

DHS Program (Arabic & Spanish) - 54 Individuals

International Festival

The only 3 day Festival in Southeast Michigan- 7,000 Individuals